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why stem is so important

Why STEM Is So Important

why stem is so important

Why STEM is so important can be hard if you do not understand what the acronym stands for. STEM  stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. STEM subjects are vital to the modern world. They are what helps us innovate, create new ideas, answer questions about our society and environment, develop technology for everyday use in our communities, invent new medicines and medical technology that can do unimaginable things to save peoples’ lives.

STEM Education Benefits

If children are not encouraged to be interested in STEM subjects, then they may grow up with little interest in them or be discouraged by negative feedback that this type of learning does not lead to better jobs or college degrees.  If children are given an opportunity to learn about these subjects they will see the opportunities that STEM presents them with.

Importance of STEM Education

STEM education is very important because of the positive effects it has on the future. STEM education helps students become critical thinkers. As critical thinkers they are able to understand scientific concepts, have an understanding of different methods used to solve problems, and develop an understanding of how materials, fluids, and energy work.

STEM Education Promotes Critical Thinking

A critical thinker is able to think differently about issues and problems. Critical thinking helps students analyze the world around them. Students are asking questions, generating solutions, and challenging accepted norms. This ability to critically think about issues and problems will help students learn different methods used to solve problems, develop their understanding of scientific concepts, and understand how materials work.

Improve Problem-solving Skills

There are numerous ways that people use science every day. From cooking food in the kitchen to drinking water from a drinking fountain, there are many things that we use science for every day.

Teach Better and Practical Concepts

Understanding the different ways that materials, liquids, and energy works are important for many reasons. For example, if students understand how beams are constructed to hold up a bridge, they will have a greater appreciation for bridges. This knowledge can also lead to students deciding to pursue careers in civil engineering or architecture because they will have a better understanding of the processes used to build structures. Understanding how electricity works can also help students learn about inventions that are powered by electricity. For example, learning about Thomas Edison’s inventions allows students to understand the different devices that are powered by electricity today including computers which help them be great critical thinkers!

STEM Focuses on Skills that Matter

The process of critical thinking allows students to think about issues, make decisions, and problem solve. This ability to challenge accepted norms is very important especially in today’s society where many people do not challenge the norms that are currently in place.

Students need to be able to critically think by questioning their beliefs as well as those of others so they can understand the world around them.

STEM Activities

stem is so important stem is so imporant stem is so important stem is so important

Reading is such an important part of STEM that we suggest you check out some of these STEM Literacy books. 


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