Reading Experience

Reading sounds so simple. You pick up a book, open the cover, turn the page, and start reading. Well, that is true, for those of us who have already been taught how to do that. Young children, special ability children, and those with learning roadblocks, it is not that easy. Our tutors will help your child be successful in reading. We will work with your child to improve the specific facet that they require, i.e. reading comprehension, phonics, sight words, and vocabulary/spelling. We provide story books and integrate literacy apps, to improve their skills. Phonemic awareness plays a key role in the Reading learning process.

A Reading Assessment maybe used to guide the learning process. Or, provide us with key information from your child’s teacher(s). Working together creates a team to ensure your child’s success. We have been successful with our current Reading Tutoring Program, as we have seen children’s grades improve, within just one school quarter of one on one tutoring sessions. Call us for a free consultation and put a plan in place for success!

We, at Good Grades Tutoring Center, recognize that every child is different, and, therefore, has different learning needs. We work with each family to identify those individual needs, and create a custom learning plan. This plan is set into motion, at the child’s first session. Reaching the child’s full potential is our key goal. Any and all plans can be adjusted, based upon changing circumstances. For example, with hybrid learning plans set in motion by the public schools, some

It’s Time To explore

Every Friday at 11: 00 Am we provide a great story time session for your kids. We explore different genres of books.

Reading Club

We create small clubs that help children share stories they have read and discuss them. It’s fun, interactive and social. You don’t want to miss this.

Writing Workshop

We currently offer a Writing Skills workshops. We cover everything from grammar to punctuation and equip students with the tools to write with clarity and persuasion. Spelling and grammar are very important skills, to have, that maybe lacking because of technology. We take the focus off of the “autocorrect” function, that so many people have come to rely upon.