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SAT prep tutor

Can an SAT Prep Tutor Help?

SAT prep tutor

Are you ready for the SAT Test?

Facing the SAT test can be a daunting task. Knowing that you are ready for the test can be even more daunting. The first step is understanding the four main parts of the SAT, which are Reading, Writing & Language, Math (calculator and no calculator) and Essay. An SAT Prep Tutor is a must for achieving your maximum SAT Scores. 

Reading Portion

The reading portion consists of:

  • 52 multiple–choice questions
  • 65 minutes
  • Passages or pairs of passages (literature, historical documents, social sciences, and natural sciences)

Writing & Language consists of :

  • 44 multiple–choice questions
  • 35 minutes
  • Grammar, vocabulary in context, and editing skills
Math Portion

Math consists of:

  • 58 multiple–choice questions (broken up into a 20-question No-Calculator section and a 38-question Calculator-allowed section)
  • 80 minutes (25 minutes for the No-Calculator section; 55 minutes for the Calculator-allowed section)
  • Algebra I and II, geometry, and some trigonometry
Optional Essay Portion

The essay portion is optional where you will write one essay within 50 minutes. The essay will need to be based on a read passage that you will examine and explain how the author built the persuasive argument.

You may want to consider an SAT Prep tutor. A SAT Prep tutor can motivate you to learn in ways that are more specific to your learning style. You may be motivated to memorize with mnemonics or route writing of information. A tutor that works with you one on one will take your learning style into account and make your progress easier.

SAT Prep

A student prepping for the SAT will spend a majority of their time reviewing old tests. In doing this you can focus on questions that were answered incorrectly and also provide you with techniques to ensure correct answers next time.

Why a SAT Prep Tutor

A tutor can also supervise your progress. As your tutor will be working closely with you on your skills, they will also assign learning plans that will be individualized for you, your learning style and will keep you accountable.  Working with a tutor also makes sure that you are working on the areas of the SAT test that you need improvement on, and having a personalized plan is key.

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