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Back to School Must Haves

With a new school year right around the corner, it’s time to put together your list of back to school must haves. Apart from the new school year, kids are also going back to school after the pandemic lock down. Today, we’re giving you a checklist so that you can get everything you need and be ready to start the semester in a positive and safer way.

back to school must haves

COVID-19 Essentials

Before starting with the daily-use items, we need to ensure that you are safe while going back to school. Even if the masks are not mandatory in your school, you need to have sanitizer, wet wipes, face masks, and tissues in your school bags.

25 Back to School Must Haves

  1. A backpack with pockets to carry all of your items
  2. A daily organizer book or notebook
  3. Pens and pencils
  4. School shoes for the new school year as kids love new things
  5. The lunch box that can keep your snacks and food items fresh. Of course the greatest craze is still Bento Boxes.
  6. Calculator or phone case with calculator function (comes in handy for science demos!)
  7. Glue sticks or Elmer’s glue gel pens for scrapbook projects and crafts work (you’ll need these)
  8. A ruler for geometry and math class
  9. Binders to keep important pages in one place
  10. A protractor for geometry and math class
  11. Highlighters to highlight important notes and points
  12. Colored pens to help keep your notes organized
  13. A two-inch binder with pockets on the inside
  14. A three-ring binder with at least one-inch rings for heavy-use books like science lab manuals or special projects that are going to need to be taken out frequently (get a sturdier three-hole punch if you’re using this kind of binder)
  15. A pencil case for frequently used pencils
  16. For most students, a laptop for at home use.
  17. Notebook paper (no matter what kind you like, just make sure it has a page protector)
  18. Flip chart paper for science demos and projects (same thing as notebook paper)
  19. Scissors (you’ll need these) and safety scissors if you are using fabric or fabric scraps (these will cut through most other fabric type materials without issue)
  20. Tape (you’ll need this)
  21. Sharpies
  22. Plastic grocery bags to store messy craft projects and materials so that they don’t get everywhere (these come in handy)
  23. A scrapbooking glue stick or gel pen for scrapbooking school projects (you’ll need these)
  24. Small containers (e.g., sandwich baggies) for your crafting supplies to keep it organized and have them all ready at hand before you start working on a project
  25. A pencil sharpener (unless you have one with your favorite brand of pencils, you’ll want a new one with these)


Every school or classroom environment has some special requirements. So, always check the instructions from the school before purchasing these items. These are only a few back to school items must haves are needed for almost every kid. Grab these items as soon as possible so your kid does not have to face any inconvenience during class.


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